Social Media

Social media is an excellent place to effectively promote your business and to create a positive image for your brand. There's no time like the present to to reach new clients, customers and leads. We are quite aware that the right creative concept, regular activity and placement of engaging content on your page always brings desirable results. This is why even though you are the Superman of your own business, you should leave your social media account in our capable hands.

Content Video

Implementing video in the marketing strategy of any company has proven to be indispensable in the modern world. The only question remaining is the form of video to be used that is most fitting and adequate. With today's tumultuous flood of information - be it sales based or otherwise – online consumers have developed a form of banner blindness. Dynamic and unorthodox creative video content is an excellent way to reach and engage your target market. Remember that creating engaging promotional video doesn't need to consume large amounts of your budget as well as valuable time for your team. With us you will find that creating content video both quickly and effectively is no hassle at all.

Big Data

Today, thanks to big data analyses we have access to a host of information such as – who our users are, what they search for online, where they shop or where they travel. This is a priceless source of information for your business and by using big data, you are able to reach a very precisely narrowed-down target audience with your advertising.

Public Relations

After creating a communication strategy for your business, we can simultaneously handle the delivery and execution of the communication we have envisioned. We have been building public relations and forming a positive image for our clients as well as their products and services for over a decade. We will help you manage your brand and take you step-by-step down the road to success.


Let us together build your brand recognition among your clients. We will create for you an image that is positively and warmly associated as well as easily recognizable. We help build new brands although we know how to refresh a well-known brand's image that has been in the market for many years. With us you will create a complete visual identity of your company.

Rich Media

A format which allows us to create layered adverts resulting in definitive action from the user. Thanks to this technology, adverts can contain many levels of content in one target banner, such as videos, games, links etc. Regardless of whether you want to increase the amount of clicks on your ad or to create brand awareness, rich media is the format for you.


What sets our agency apart from the rest is our ability to adapt the placement and choice of medium to the desired product or service being advertised. Thanks to our vast experience we can help you choose the best medium in the best locations in order for your advert to reach the widest possible group of clients or consumers. We will also create for you a spot that will attract the attention of everyone finding themselves „out-of-home” and will have the desired effect of your brand sinking deep into the memory of your target market.

Applications and Mobile Solutions

We execute dedicated programming solutions such as: mobile, web and desktop applications. Thanks to the experience we have gained realising unorthodox projects, we are convinced that we can handle any challenge.

Ambient 2.0

We create and execute the most impressive, daunting, recognizable and effective campaigns. We effectively link online content with content that is offline - by taking advantage of several intertwined platforms of communication - in order to really set our client's brands apart and to maximize reach.

Roadshow 2.0

Using our mobile units, we project and realise professional roadshow campaigns. We directly reach your clients using experiential marketing and hosting live presentations in an impeccably custom-designed space. The space can be used as a hospitality area or showroom, worthy of the highest standards of your brand. These are the main goals of roadshow campaigns. We increase the reach of your campaign using this type of engaging interaction along with social media. This is a new vision for a roadshow. If what you require is a modern, innovative solution to organise a roadshow, event or a mobile showroom – along with the passionate people to entrust such a project to – we will exceed your expectations.

Event marketing and Event Production

From exhibitions and shows to concerts, festivals and galas. Years of experience as well as the necessary technical equipment , technology and facilities allow us to undertake even the most unusual and challenging events. Expose your brand at unique and important events.

Sports Marketing

We effectively and professionally communicate the brands of our partners during some of the biggest sports events in the world.