Every brand has a story. We tell your story to both your existing and prospective clients, sparking their interest and engaging them so they may come to know your brand's history and where it is you're going. Take them along with you on your journey. We create tailor-made strategies because each brand is unique.

You can bet on video marketing, we sure do! Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of communicating content. We will guide you on choosing the right form of video that will best suit the path of your business and create for you a modern and professional video advertising campaign that will increase your brand recognition and visibility.

Build your brand awareness among your clients. Together we will create an easily identifiable image that will be positively associated – sink deep into the memory of your consumers or clients.

You're the Superman of your own business, that's why you should leave running your social media accounts to us. We will create a customised strategy for your brand that will engage the public with peak performance.

Rich Media

A format that enables you to create layered advertising that results in your target market being directly engaged. Thanks to this technology, adverts are able to contain various layers of content in one target banner, such as videos, games, links etc. Regardless of whether you want to increase the number of clicks on your ad or to create brand awareness, rich media is the format for you.

Big Data

SMS is one of very few mediums of communication free of intrusive advertising. Thanks to our cooperation with T-mobile, we have created a unique and original solution that allows for us to take advantage of this communication channel in order to reach a very specific target audience.

Content Video

What you see here is a video that is being edited. We will prepare for you corporate films, unboxing videos, reviews, guides or any other form of of video you desire. Creating engaging promotional videos doesn't require a high budget, hiring of many people nor devoting a lot of time to the project. With us you can create content video in a fast and effective manner.


Our high standards as well as our unique approach can be accredited to have undertaken projects in various time zones.


Reliable Competency

Are we an agency? 99% of our tools with which we work belong to us or are developed in-house. We know what we're doing and we won't demolish your budget.

Reliable Competency

DNA Memory

We always return to our roots in order to remember both where we came from, as well as our core values.

DNA Memory